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Year Three

Dear Parents,

Mrs Harrison and I (Mrs Langley) would like to welcome you back to the start of another new year at St. James’ Church Primary School. We hope that you have had a lovely summer break. Thank you so much to those of you who have helped your children to complete the puppet homework task or to complete the summer reading challenge. If we have not seen your child’s puppet yet, then we will very much look forward to seeing it throughout the week – the puppets will be displayed in our reading areas throughout school.

Now that your children have made the transition up into Year 3, there will be a lot of change in both the pace and the challenge of the work. Expectations will be much higher, and the children will be expected to complete more class work and homework than last year. The expectations are outlined below.

Reading: The children will be heard read during guided reading and where possible on a 1:1 basis in school. As well as this, they will be required to read daily (for ten minutes) at home to an adult so reading books will be sent home. Please take the time every day to listen to your child read and to discuss the books with them. This plays a crucial role in their learning and gives them quality time with you too.

Spellings: The children will have opportunities to learn new spelling rules at school so will therefore need to practice spelling words which follow these patterns at home. The children will receive spellings to learn each week on a Wednesday, and will be tested on these the following Wednesday. Please encourage your child to learn them orally and in beautiful joined up handwriting.

Times Tables: The National Curriculum states that all children must know all of their times tables by the time they leave Year4. This means that all children in year 3 need to learn their 3,4, and 6 times tables thoroughly this year. (They should already know their 2,5 and 10 times tables!) Please practice the tables at home regularly using quick fire questions, writing them out, drawing diagrams to represent them, or singing them in songs. Once the children secure their times tables, everything else taught in maths falls into place and is easier for them to understand.

Homework: This year in Year 3, the children will receive their homework on a Friday, and it will be collected in on the following Wednesday for marking and feedback. Homework tasks will vary and will be a balance of English, Maths and Topic tasks. Please make sure that your child’s homework is completed on time so that they can receive the marking feedback and support at school. It needs to be their homework (done to the same standard as school work) not yours please.

PE: PE lessons with Mr Dyson will take place on a Tuesday, but please ensure that your child has their kit in school every day in case we have other opportunities to make the most of the weather and to do additional lessons outside.

Music: The children will be learning Samba this year with our visiting music teacher –Throughout the year we are sure that there will be opportunities for you to come in and hear them play.

Our overall theme for this half term is “Chocolate”. Please see the attached overview to see the learning which will be covered through this topic.

Should you have any other questions about the routines and learning in Year 3, please do not hesitate to contact us. Mrs Harrison and I will be there at the start and end of each day to welcome the children and to see them home safely. We are always here to support you as well as the children.