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Child Protection and Safeguarding

Pastoral Care of Pupils

As a school we offer restorative practice and are more than happy to discuss any issues you have regarding your child.

As outlined in the Parent Code of Conduct we do not accept aggressive or abusive behaviour and if any member of staff witnesses this you will be asked to leave the premises and further action may be taken.

The general progress and welfare of each pupil is the responsibility of the individual class teacher. Any concerns that cannot be resolved by the class teacher should be brought to the attention of the Head of School or Assistant Heads.

If you have any problems or worries concerning your child, please come in and discuss them with us. Arrangements can be made by telephone to ensure staff are available for consultation at a mutually convenient time.

Child Protection

Medical Care and Accidents

We are prepared to administer medicines.  Medicines must be brought to the school office and the relevant form signed.

Inhalers and glasses are essential items and should be in school every day.  It can be very distressing if a child needs these items and they are not available on a daily basis.

If your child has any special medical conditions that may affect his/her school life in anyway whatsoever, e.g. heart murmur, asthma, would you please discuss this with his/her class teacher and/or the Head of School /  SENCO.  This is often an ongoing situation so please update this information regularly.

The school has a number of first aiders.  Children who have minor accidents will be given appropriate first aid treatment.  If necessary, wounds will be covered with a sterile dressing.  Parents will be contacted or informed where necessary.  If your child has an allergy to Elastoplasts please notify the office.  Parents will need to provide an emergency contact number for use when necessary.  These need to be updated regularly.

Illness and Accidents

In the event of illness or accident during school hours, parents will be informed at the earliest opportunity and, if necessary, medical attention will be obtained. Please would you inform us if your working circumstances, address or telephone number changes so that your child’s contact details can be kept up to date.

Safeguarding Children

Our school community has a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of our pupil.  This means we have a Child Protection Policy and Procedures in place.  Parents are welcome to view this policy.  An Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Check (DBS) is required of all staff including our volunteers and supply staff.

Sometimes we need to share information and work in partnership with other agencies when there are concerns about a child’s welfare.  We will always ensure that concerns about our pupils are discussed with their parents / carers first, unless we have reason to believe that this is not in the child’s best interests.

School Nurse

The school is visited regularly by the school nurse. Healthcare interviews are held during your child’s first year at school. If you have a concern about your child you can contact the school nurse, Lorna Patchett through school or on 01274 221203.

If you have any queries regarding the health of your child that may affect his or her learning please come and discuss them with us.

SEN Provision

The Academy at St. James is committed to providing a fully inclusive education and school experience.   Our SEN Co-ordinator is Mrs J. Lanigan.   Further details of our SEN provision can be found on the school website.

We have an inclusion policy of offering mainstream opportunities to all children providing the school is able to meet their needs.  A copy can be found on the school website.

If your child has a difficulty which affects his/her progress in school, it may be necessary to plan special programmes of work or provide extra support. Parents are consulted before programmes of work begin or appropriate support obtained. The child’s progress is regularly reviewed with parents. The Special Needs Co-ordinator is responsible for co-ordinating special needs work throughout the school.

Disability Provision

The Academy at St. James is an educationally inclusive school in which the teaching and learning, achievements, attitudes and well-being of every young person matter.

Parents of pupils with disabilities, who are thinking of applying for a place at St. James should approach the local authority at the earliest opportunity to discuss individual needs and the level of support the school is able to provide.

Inclusion and equal opportunities for those pupils with disabilities does not mean treating all pupils in the same way.  Rather, it involves taking account of pupil’s varied life experiences and needs and attempting to meet those needs to the best of the school’s ability.

Security of Premises

The managers of the school strive to keep the building as secure as possible for pupils and staff.  After 8.50am the only access into school is via the primary entrance, which is controlled by security access.

The school also has a metal fence around the perimeter of the playground and C.C.T.V. is installed.

As we are responsible for the safety of children, we cannot allow your child to leave school during school hours unless you come to collect him/her. There is a signing out procedure at the school office for any pupil leaving school during the school day.

Dropping Off and Collection Controls

There is an expectation that a known / nominated adult (over 18) will collect your child.  Please contact the school office and inform us if a different adult will be collecting your child.    If a regular adult is not collecting your child and you have not informed us, they will be challenged and the parent / carer will be contacted before the child is handed over to them.

The office staff will ask for proof of appointments if you are collecting your child to attend the doctors etc. during the school day.


If it is not possible to walk to school, in order to ensure the safety of our pupils and to avoid congestion around the school, we encourage parents / carers to park in the surrounding area.

Please park considerately and safely on roads around school as they can become congested and hazardous.  We ask that parents do not bring cars down the school drive, as this is a hazard to children and space is very limited.

The car park is a busy place and children must be directly supervised by their adult carer until they are handed over to a responsible adult within the school building.


We understand the responsibility to educate our pupils on e-Safety issues; teaching them the appropriate behaviours and thinking skills to enable them to remain safe when using the internet and related technologies.  E-Safety guidance is given to the pupils on a regular basis.  It is embedded within our curriculum and we continually look for new opportunities to promote e-Safety.  A copy of the e-safety policy is sent home to be signed by parents and children and is supported by our Parent Code of Conduct.  A copy is available from school and further advice for parents is available on our website.

We do not expect Primary aged children to be accessing social media which is illegal under the age of 13 or to be carrying mobile phones.  If children are found to be carrying phones or other gadgets they will be stored in the office for safety.  If children are accessing social media, this will be reported to the relevant authorities.

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