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The children at our school are taught in groups according to their age and this class structure allows individual children to progress at their own pace.  The classes are taught altogether, sometimes in small groups or individually as appropriate.  Each class will have a class name e.g. Creative Crocodiles and also a class motto.

All classes have access to the latest technology, including interactive whiteboards, ipads and laptops and children can access a range of ICT equipment and the latest educational software.

We have given our classes names this year and they are as follows:-

Nursery           –           Curious Caterpillars

Reception        –           Beautiful Butterflies

Year 1              –           1 Gigantic Giraffes

Year 2              –           2 Mighty Meerkats

Year 2              –           2 Resilient Rhinos

Year 3              –           3 Creative Crocodiles

Year 3              –           3 Super Seahorses

Year 4              –           4 Pouncing Panthers

Year 4              –           4 Tenacious Tigers

Year 5              –           5 Dancing Dolphins

Year 5              –           5 Marvellous Monkeys

Year 6              –           6 Elusive Eagles

Year 6              –           6 Unstoppable Unicorns