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Year Five

Firstly a warm welcome back to St James and to Year 5.

This year both classes have adopted an animal for their class name. The children thought long and hard about which animal would best represent them.

  • Mrs Langley’s class are the Diligent Doves.
  • Miss Rosenberg’s class are the Dynamic Dogs.

Our Diligent Doves will be supported by Miss Hetherington, Miss Miller and Mrs Hunter.

Our Dynamic Dogs will be supported by Mrs Gibbons.

Year 5 have some wonderful activities planned for the new school year and this proves to be a fantastic year to be a Diligent Dove or a Dynamic Dog.


Click here to find the Year 5 Spring Curriculum Plan


In Year 5,we have been working on our Spring unit of work – After The Heartbreak -which has seen us learn about Migration and Refugees. We have been using fabulous texts such as The Boy At The Back Of The Class and MatchBox Diaries to help us with our writing. We have also been leanring about Syria in Geography and studying the Industrial Revolution in History. 

This half term, we have been on two school trips to help us with our learning; we visited the Industrial Museum in Bradford to learn about the Victorians and the Industrial Revolution and then we visited the Solenis Science Lab to support our learning during national Science week. In the lab, we learnt how to filter water using different materials, tested solutions for acidity and made our own slime.

We learnt about the jobs people did during the Victorian period.

We also learnt about the machines used during the Vicotrian times, and the impact that they had on industry in Britain.

We used different materials to filter water and remove dirt from it.

We loved making our own slime!

In Art, we have been using different art skills to produce pictures to represent the journey of migrants or refugees. We used mono-printing, drawing, water-colour painting and even used stones to make a collage.

Our stone pictures represent refugees on their journey. They were inspired by the work of Nizar Ali BADR.

Inspired by the work of Edvard Munch, we created refugee pictures in the style of The Scream.

We traced different pictures of refugees and their camps, then used mono-printing to replicate them.

Throughout our Science learning this term, we have been learning about reproduction of plants, and animals lifecycles.

During the National Science week, we linked our Science learning to our whole school text – “Footpath Flowers”. We learnt about how plants use the capillary action to transport water up the stem to the leaves. We also took different flowers apart to compare their parts.

We have been really lucky this term as we have been learning Jujitsu in PE. We have fun learning the moves.