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Year Five and Six

Firstly a warm welcome back to St James and to our new Year 5 and Year 6!

Year 5 Happy Hockneys- Miss Stone and Mrs Guest

We are named after the famous Bradford painter David Hockney. He is an influential and extremely successful artist, who is well known throughout the world.

Year 5/6 Brave Brownlees- Miss Rosenberg and Mrs Nash

We are named after Alistair and Johnathan Brownlee, who are Olympic triathletes competing in swimming, cycling and running.

Year 6 Laughing Listers- Mrs Langley and Mrs Gibbons

We are named after Samuel Lister, the famous Bradford inventor and industrialist. Samuel Lister helped develop technology in textiles.

Autumn Term: Only the Brave

We are focusing on inspiring courage and bravery in ourselves and others. We are studying:

  • English: Shackleton’s Journey
  • Reading: Wonder by R.J Palacio
  • Maths: Place value and the four operations
  • Science: Evolution and Inheritance and Circulation
  • Geography: Local Area study of Allerton and Antarctica
  • History: Ancient Greeks
  • RE: People of God
  • Computing: Computer Science- Virtual Tour Guide
  • PE: Attacking and Defending Games
  • DT and Art: Portraits and Greek Sculptures



Spring Term: Dracula -Friend or Foe?

This term, our learning will be centered around the North Yorkshire, coastal town of Whitby. Click the link below for a copy of our curriculum overview for the term.

Curriculum Overview

  • English: Frankenstein
  • Reading: Dracula
  • Maths: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
  • Science: Living things – classifying plants, animals and microorganisms
  • Geography: Coastal study of Whitby – errosion
  • History: Thomas Cook
  • RE: Theists, Athiests and Agnostics – What do they believe?
  • Computing: datbases / spreadsheets
  • PE: Athletic activities
  • DT and Art: Masks

Hook day:

We started our term by studying The Highwayman, after receiving a letter from Bess – the Highwayman’s true love. We completed an art journey based on the poem as well as writing our own character descriptions, job adverts and letters back to Bess.

School visits

To enhance our learning about Frankenstein, we visited Bolling Hall. We examined artefacts from around the time Frankenstein was set and took part in some drama to help us understand the story.

In English, we wrote dual narratives, telling the story from different points of view.

In Art, we have created pieces of art work linked to Whitby Abbey and to Dracula.

We have also worked with our resident artist and have designed and created masks out of Modroc. We also created mood boards to represent the artist Paula De Prado.


Summer Term

Peace, Poppies and Warfare

This term, we will be learning about World War 2. For an overview of our learning this term please click the link below.

Summer Term Overview

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