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Year Six

Welcome to 6 Bright Bees where we work collaboratively and support one another to achieve our very best! In 6BB, we make sure that every day is our best day and that we are always challenging ourselves to succeed. As part of our Golden Rules, we make sure that everyone is treated with respect and equality, we want our classroom to be a welcoming and safe environment for all.

The teachers in Year 6 are Mrs Parker in the Bright Bees and Mrs Allingham in the Outstanding Owls.

As you may be aware, Year 6 is a challenging year at Primary school and there will be very high expectations set for the children. Some of the children are already feeling nervous about the year and the upcoming SATS at the end of it.   It will be a challenging year for the children, but with your continued support and encouragement at home, we are sure that your child will make good progress and do well for themselves.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come in and see us in Year 6.

Our Year 6 team will be supported by Mrs Guest.

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Hook Day-Autumn- ‘Only the Brave’
As our curriculum this term is all about be brave and showing courage, we challenged ourselves in different ways to test how ‘brave’ we really are. We took on the mighty St James obstacle course, where we dared ourselves to climb higher and test our limits. To test our resolve we took on Mrs Parker’s Bushtucker Trial, testing out different foods all whilst blindfolded- it certainly tested our nerves! Finally, to see if we could survive in the wilderness with only our wits and a few basic materials, we attempted to construct our own shelters. It was a great day, where we challenged and pushed ourselves to be brave! Next up…Take the Risk! Can we complete our mission?

We have started our Autumn Term with a Hook Day named – Only the brave – will you take the risk?

Children took part in making tents using poles and string. Would their tents withstand the cold in Antarctica? Children tried a variety of bush tucker trail foods – who ate the worms?