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Here at the Academy St James we take the safeguarding of all our pupils extremely seriously.

We have a duty of care to ensure all our children are safe, we do this by making sure that everyone who comes into the building is suitable for working with children.  We also work hard to minimise the risk in the grounds and building.

If we have concerns about the safety of any children we follow the procedures set out in the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy. This policy explains how we would deal with any issue if we think children may not be safe, including the steps we would take if we felt children were not safe at home.

Academy St James Safeguarding Policy 2019-2020

All concerns are logged and passed to the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and the Safeguarding Team.

Meet our Designated Safeguarding Team :

Becky Albentosa – DSL, Safeguarding and Attendance Officer, Team Leader

Andy Smart – Safeguarding and Attendance Officer, Deputy Team Leader

Chris Tolson – Headteacher

Ruth Thompson- Deputy Head

As a team we decide how to deal with a concern.  This usually involves speaking to the child, parents and other agencies such as Health and Social Care.

If we feel that a child is at risk of harm we have a duty of care to report this to Bradford Children’s Services.

If you have any concerns regarding the safety of a child or wish to discuss safeguarding further please do not hesitate to contact one of us by coming into school or ringing 01274 777095 and asking to speak to us.

Click here to follow a link to Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019

You can also report any concerns you may have directly to Children’s Services on 01274 437500.


Safeguarding week was held in school to coincide with national Anti-Bullying week.

Children and parents were involved in a variety of different activities which helped to develop friendship skills, stay safe online and how to tackle bullying in a positive way. We also celebrated cultural diversity across our community helping to build positive relationships, respect and understanding of each other.

The week ended with a whole school assembly where the different classes celebrated and shared what they had done.

Here is a selection of some of the work.

Friendship Soup Video MM

5TT Online Gaming Video