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Lively Ladybirds 2yr Provision

Welcome to Lively Ladybirds.

We are a 16 place 2 year old provision. We currently have two members of staff, there is myself Mrs Simmons, I am the 2 year old lead and Miss Naz who is a Teaching Assistant.

When your child starts in Ladybirds they will be assigned a key person who will observe them as they play, explore and learn. All children learn in a range of ways, we will plan though their interests and skills that all children need to develop.

Our Daily Routine.

Ladybirds has 2 sessions morning  8.40am-11.40am and afternoon 12.30pm-3.30pm.
When your child arrives they will be welcomed into Ladybirds and encouraged to complete the self registration board where they have to move their pictured ladybird over to the in school today section, then they have free time to go and explore the environment. Once all the children are in we come to the carpet to complete the register. We then perform our ‘Days of the week song’ and look at the weather. It is then time for our ‘Hello song’ where we see how the children are feeling today they are all encouraged to join in.

  • Snack time is usually mid session where we try a variety of different foods. We also have milk and fruit and we talk about how these healthy things are good for our bodies
  • A range of exciting and engaging activities to support their gross and fine motor skills will be set up for the children to complete if they wish.
  • Near the end of the session the children help to Tidy up, we then come to the carpet for a shared story and singing time.



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