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Nursery Week 3

We hope you had a good break at Easter and enjoyed the lovely sunshine we had.

Now it is the start of the summer term and work will be posted weekly here on the website and daily on Dojo. You can send pictures and messages about the work you have done on Dojo or on email


This week in Nursery we are learning all about The Naughty Bus by Jan & Jerry Oke. To view a video of the story being read please click here

Below are this weeks challenges

Please click on each day to enlarge it. Alternatively you can download the PDF with all of this weeks challenges on  here


Words of the Week


Double Decker                               Definition- Something that has two floors/ levels

Example- The Naughty Bus is a Double-Decker bus


Zoom-                                              Definition- to move quickly

Example- The Naughty Bus zoomed past


Livid-                                                Definition- Very very angry

Example- The people at the bus stop were livid when the Naughty Bus drove straight past them


Worried-                                          Definition- Unhappy because you are thinking about problems or unpleasant things that might happen

Example- The Naughty Bus was worried that he would be left in the bottom of the pond.


Powerful-                                         Definition- Having great power or strength

Example- Rescue Truck lowered down his powerful winch


We cannot wait to see what you have been learning at home. Please share with us on Class Dojo or email