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Onna Jujitsu Club Lessons

Martial Arts the Academy at St James! 
Due to the amazing opportunities and funding created by being JU:MP partner school, we are very fortunate to be able to offer 10 lessons of Jujitsu for every pupil in Y5!
Lessons will culminate in a grading ceremony in which parents and carers will be able to attend and celebrate their children’s achievements.
To achieve white belt status pupils must demonstrate the following:
Junior White Belt Syllabus 
1. Mat Etiquette
2. Demonstrate Tying of the Obi
3. Blocking Kata
4. Side Breakfalls
5. Front Breakfall
6. Rolling Breakfall
7. Back Breakfall
8. Breaking a Front Strangle (2)
9. Breaking a Back Strange
10. Front Kicks
11. Side Kicks
12. Scissor Kicks
Please see below for more information regarding Onna Jujitsu Club and Sensei Mumtaz
With over twenty years of Martial arts experience, Sensei Mumtaz Khan is one of the leading instructors in West Yorkshire. Having successfully delivered sessions to people from all walks of life, Sensei Mumtaz Khan is regarded as a pioneer in Martial Arts and fitness.
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