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Reception Week 1

Dear Parents and Carers,

On our main year group page, we have added links to useful resources and web pages that will support you and your children through this time. Click to be taken to this page.

Alongside this, we will be populating  tasks for children to complete at home. These will also be shared on Class Dojo.


English Day 1:

Watch an episode of Andy’s safari adventures and write a sentence about the animal you have learnt about. Try to remember your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Maths Day 1:

Write your numbers from 0-20. cut them into separate cards, mix them up and place them in order.

Independent task Day 1:

Dress yourself independently.


English Day 2:

Choose a story to read together. Talk about your favourite parts. Write a sentence about it.

Maths Day 2:

Ask an adult to hide numbers to 20 around your room, home or garden. See if you can find all 20 and place them in order. You could ask someone to tell you a number to find. Can you remember what the number looks like and find it?

Independent task Day 2:

Choose your own clothes and dress yourself independently.


English Day 3:

Draw a picture of something that happens in your favourite story. Say a sentence about the story. Write the sentence
together. Practise sounding out the words you want to write. Can you use a full stop?

Maths Day 3: 

Ask your grown-up to tell you a number. Place this number of raisins or cereal pieces on your plate. If your grown-up says ‘one more’, can you add one more and say the number you have? If your grown-up says ‘one less’, can you eat one then count the number you have left? Have a go at writing the number sentence to match (eg 4 + 1 = 5)

Independent task Day 3: 

Wash your hands and find the things you need to make lunch.


English Day 4:

Use some of your toys to make up a story. Maybe the toys could go on an adventure! Draw a story map to go with your new story.

Maths Day 4:

Build a tower with 7 bricks. Can you build two more towers of bricks, one that uses one less than 7 bricks and one that uses one more than 7? Can you put these in an order? What do you notice?

Independent task Day 4:

Wash up the dishes from lunch, dry them and put them away.


English Day 5: 

Share a favourite story together. Talk about the plot, the setting and the characters. Write a sentence about your favourite character. Remember your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Maths Day 5:

Ask a grown-up to draw a spotty snake. How many spots does it have? Can you count them? Can you draw a snake that has one less spot?

Independent task Day 5:

Practise putting your shoes and coat on independently.