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Reception Week 3

We hope you had a good break at Easter and enjoyed the lovely sunshine we had.

Now it is the start of the summer term and work will be posted weekly here on the website and daily on Dojo. You can send pictures and messages about the work you have done on Dojo or on email


 Monday 20th April

Our new topic is “Yellow Submarine”. We will be learning about what lives under the water in ponds, lakes and the sea.


Listen to the story of “The Snail and the Whale” on Dojo or here

You can also watch the film here

Word of the day: slither (move slowly with a twisting movement)


Draw two different coloured fish in the sea. Make a number sentence to show how many fish there are altogether.


Pour a small glass of water. Put one teaspoon of sugar in the water and stir it. What happens to the sugar? Can you still see it? Can you taste it in the water? Try cold water and warm water.

(The sugar dissolves in the water, it is still there but you cannot see it anymore)

Physical Activity

Look on School Dojo for Mr O’Brien’s P.E. challenges. Can you try one?


Tuesday 21st April


Draw the whale in the story of “The Snail and the Whale”. Label its body parts: tail, blow hole, flipper, fin, mouth, and eye. Ask a grown up to help you write the words.

Word of the day: sigh (breathe out noisily to show you are sad)


Draw ten fish or use pasta/ coins/counters to pretend to be fish. Pretend to be a sea gull and eat 3 fish. How many left?

Write the number sentence. 10 – 3 =

Eat a different number of fish and write the number sentence.


The water in the sea tastes salty. Pour a small glass of water. Add a teaspoon of salt. Can you still see it? Can you taste it in the water? Try cold water and warm water.

(The salt dissolves in the water, it is still there but you cannot see it anymore)

Physical Activity

How far can you hop on one leg? Try the other leg. Is it easier or harder?


Wednesday 22nd April


In the story of “The Snail and the Whale” the whale took the snail to see lots of different places in the world. Where would you like to go? Write a sentence to say where you would like to go.

Word of the day: immensely (very)


Draw a picture of a place you would like to go to. Find out what it looks like there. Draw it /paint it very carefully adding lots of details.


The whale and the snail saw lots of stars in the sky on their travels. Draw 20 stars counting them to make sure you have the right number.

Physical Activity

Ask a grown up to hide something outside if possible. Don’t peep. Ask your grown up to time you or count to see how quickly you can find it.


Thursday 23rd April


What happened to the whale? How did the children help him? Can you tell someone all about it?

Word of the day: frolicked (moved about in a cheerful, lively way)


8 boys and 7 girls helped to keep the whale wet until the waves came back. How many children altogether? Find some counters to help you work it out or draw the children to help you.


Can you find a snail? Where could you look? If you find one look at it carefully and then put it back where you found it. If you can’t find one ask a grown up to show you a picture of one.

Independent activity

Can you tidy your toys and make your room super smart?


Friday 24th April


The snail traveled around the world on a whale. How would you like to travel around the world? Can you write a message to me to tell me your answer?

Word of the day: precious (very valuable and should not be treated carelessly)


Can you find something to cut in half? Make sure both pieces are exactly the same size!

Physical Activity

Do you have a ball to throw and catch? If not use some balled up socks. How many times can you throw and catch without dropping it? Can you throw it higher and higher and still catch it?


Do you have anything at home that is very special and precious to you? How do you treat it? How do you look after it?