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Reception week 6

This weeks worship

Monday 11th May


This week our learning challenges are based on the book “Winnie the Witch under the Sea” by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul.



 Listen to the story of “”Winnie the Witch under the Sea” here

What happened in the story?


Word of the day: search (look for something)



Winnie turned herself into an octopus. An octopus has 8 legs. If she turned her cat Wilbur into an octopus how many legs would there be now? What will you use to find out?



Make some ice cubes for tomorrow’s science.

Find out about octopuses. You can watch a video about them here

Can you draw an octopus or make a model of one?


Physical Activity

Throw a ball/ beanbag/rolled up socks into a bucket/box. Take a step back every time it lands in the bucket. Take a step forward if you miss. How far away can you still get the ball in the bucket?


Tuesday 12th May


Why did Winnie turn Wilbur into a fish? Why did Winnie turn herself into an octopus? Video your answer or write a sentence to tell me.


Word of the day: darted (moved very quickly)



Can you do these subtractions?

8 fish – 3 fish =

10 fish – 2 fish =

12 shells – 4 shells =

15 crabs – 6 crabs =



Take some ice out of the freezer. Add a little salt to part of the ice. What happens?


Physical Activity

Can you have some running races with someone in your family?


Independent activity

Help to wash the dishes or dry them up.


Wednesday 13th May


Can you draw Winnie and write what she says to Wilbur?


Word of the day: flip (turn over)



Can you make a model of a submarine? You could use a plastic bottle and things from your recycling bin.



What can you find in your house that is a cylinder shape? A cuboid?  A cube? A sphere?


Physical Activity

Put on your favourite music and dance.


Thursday 7th May


Can you make a magic wand? You could use a stick from the garden, a straw or a cardboard tube. How will you decorate it?



What spell will you make with your magic wand?


Word of the day: wreck (something broken and ruined, especially a ship)



Find three objects and put them in order from the lightest to the heaviest. Can you check using some weighing scales?


Physical activity

Can you go out on a bike or scooter? Remember to stay safe with a helmet on.

Independent activity

Can you set the table for tea?


Friday 8th May


Can you describe Winnie’s yellow submarine?


Word of the day: Struck (to hit something)



Look around your house. Can you find a square, a circle, a triangle and a rectangle shape?


Physical Activity

Sing and dance with Go Noodle



Jesus told stories about lost things in the bible. The story of the Lost Sheep tells Christians that just as the shepherd cares for his sheep and looks after it, God loves each one of us and looks after us.

“The Lost Sheep” Luke 15:1-10

You can watch the story here