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Reception week 7

This week we will be focusing on pollution and the effect is has on our planet.


Monday 18th May 2020


Listen to the story of ‘Somebody swallowed Stanley’. Can you explain what the story is about either by video or in a sentence?

Word of the day: swept (to move quickly)


Can you solve these sharing problems? You may want to draw them out to help you.

  • If you shared 8 goldfish between 2 bowls how many goldfish would there be in each bowl?
  • There are 3 dolphin and the keeper has 18 fish, how many fish would each dolphin get?
  • There are 5 turtles and 15 eggs how many eggs do they each have?


Can you create a kite using a plastic bag? Follow the instructions to make the kite.

kite making

Physical activity

Go outside and enjoy flying your kite.


Tuesday 19th May 2020


Think about the story from yesterday (Somebody swallowed Stanley) can you write a list of the different creatures that Stanley came across.

Word of the day:  few (not many)


Can you solve these doubling problems? You can want to draw pictures to help you.

  • The blue fish has 5 scales and the green fish has double that. How many scales does the green fish have?
  • Yesterday the shark caught 7 fish. He caught double today. How many has he caught?
  • An octopus has 8 tentacles. How many do 2 octopus have?


Collect some different items from around your house and then sort the items according to what they are made of eg metal, plastic, wood. You could label the objects or take a picture.


Have a go at making your own homemade bubbles


Can you set the table for lunch or tea?


Wednesday 20th May 2020


Can you write a sentence about how the animals in the sea might feel about the pollution?

Word of the day: Vast (very big)


Can you solve the having problems? You can want to draw pictures to help.

  • The golden fish has 14 scales and gives half to the silver fish. How many do they both have now?
  • The whale caught 20 fish but the dolphin only caught half that many. How many did the dolphin catch?


Have a go at some plastic bag art. Cut a 20cm square of plastic from a bag. Paint some bold stripes on it using coloured paint. Turn the plastic over and place paint side down onto a piece of paper. Press gently to create a print. Peel off the plastic and repeat.


Using a bean bag, ball or soft toy have a go at some throwing and catching.


Thursday 21st May 2020


Can you write a sentence explaining how you will help protect the ocean from pollution?

Word of the day: hum (to sing with your lips closed)


When you have your snack today such as a picket or raisins or crisps can you share them out between your family and see how many you each get?


Can you help your grown up sort the objects into the correct bin? Which can we recycle and which can’t we recycle?

Physical Activity

Have a go at these yoga movements


Friday 22nd May 2020


Can you make a poster showing people how to keep our planet/ocean safe?

Word of the day:  choke (somethings blocking you being able to breathe)


Draw 8 fish on a piece of paper. Now double it. How many fish do you have?

Physical Activity

Practice your cutting skills. Can you cut out the jelly fish? You could also colour it in!

fellyfish fine motor


Jesus told stories about lost things in the bible. The story of the Lost Coin tells Christians that God loves each one of us and thinks we are precious.

“The Lost Coin” Luke 15:8-10

You can watch the story here