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(Spring 1) Home Learning week 1 – January 5th

Welcome to Year 3 and 4 Home Learning – Spring 1

We really enjoyed our Hook Day learning in school on Monday and are saddened that school is closed to most children for the next few weeks.

You will find all of the resources that you need for home learning here. Please follow the links to find the documents, complete the work on paper or on a computer and then upload the document or a photo to your class dojo portfolio or to your google classroom. You can also email it to any of the Year 3 and 4 staff.

Should you require any help with the home learning, please do not hesitate to contact us on dojo, google classroom or by email. We will support you in any way that we can.

We will look forward to seeing all of your work!

Week 1

Tuesday 5th January


Morning Maths 

Maths instructions 

Main activity multiply by 10 

Main activity multiply by 100 

Challenge 1                 Challenge 2



Read the poem and complete the activity.

Poem WAGOLL                               Main activity


RE – People of God       

Complete the main activity, then follow the Word of the day structure and complete the last question.

Main activity                             Word of the day


Wednesday 6th January


Morning Maths

Maths Introduction

Main activities  Multiply by 10     Multiply by 100

Challenges    Multiplying by 10       Multiplying by 100



Have a look at the picture on the word bank sheet and make lists of words to describe the volcano.

e.g. adjective – vicious      noun – ash – cloud        Verb – errupting       Adverb – ferociously

Word bank activity 1

Then, write a decription of the volcano using some of the key words in your word bank. Use the success criteria to help you develop your sentences.

Descriptive writing activity



Prediction activity




History – The Expansion of the Roman Empire

Introduction and instructions

Task sheet

These videos will also help you to know more about the Roman Empire:


Thursday 7th January


Morning maths


Main Activites     Multiplying by 10       main activity multiply by 100



The Volcano WAGOLL

word bank

Writing activity



Read the text and complete the activities


Activity 1          Activity 2






Friday 8th January



Morning Maths

Problem solving instructions

Watch the loom video instructions here

Main problem           Challenge problem





Text               Activity



Have a go at this activity from This is PE

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