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Spring 2 Week 1 22nd February

Welcome back after the half term break – we hope you managed to have a well earned break and that you all had some quality family time together. 

This half term, we will be taking more of a Geography focus as we begin to learn about Volcanoes and how they are formed.  Our hook day will begin with us making models of volcanoes and erupting them, as well as locating some key areas on a map – including Pompeii in Italy and Catania in Sicily where Mount Etna has recently erupted.

Please find the work below for the week beginning 22nd February – including activities for the hook day and Art activities for Tuesday.

Monday 22nd February

Hook day

We will be making a junk model volcano this morning – there will be a live session to welcome everyone back and to discuss potential ways to make your volcano. Then we will meet again later in the day to errupt them. Live lesson links will be on Dojo and Google classroom.

Junk model volcano task 

Videos to help with making a model


We will meet live to model how to use digimaps for schools. (Link on dojo) If you don’t have access to digimaps for schools, please see the paper copy of the activity below.

Digimaps for schools activity

Loom video to support digimaps task


Tuesday 23rd February

Art Hunt    

We will meet live to look at the art hunt and clarify the vocabulary. We will also model the art activities for at home.

Question sheet               picture sheet

Look at the facts about Hadrian to find out a bit about him. Take a look at the Hadrian in profile sheet and really notice the difference between a forward facing Hadrian profile and a side profile.

Then follow the step by step instructions and have a go at drawing your own Hadrian in profile.

Facts about Hadrian

Drawing of Hadrian – step by step instructions 

Hadrian in profile

Once you have finished your Hadrian drawing, have a look at Hadrian’s wall.

Hadrian’s wall

Step by step guide for drawing Hadrian’s wall

Wednesday 24th February


Morning Maths

Fractions instructions (Tricky)     Loom Video     Activity

Fractions Instructions (Trickier)    Loom video    Activity

Times table grid to help






Complete the prediction task before reading the WAGOLL and completing the next activity



Annotating the WAGOLL activity



Instructions       Big Frieze Task      Main Activity


Enrichment menu


Thursday 25th February


Morning Maths

Fractions instructions (Tricky)    Loom video    Activity   Challenge

Fractions instructions (Trickier)   Loom Video  Activity   challenge



Text             Activity


Draw it activity


Sound Quiz – Memory recall 

Word of the day


Post-it note planning sheet   

Results sheet


Friday 26th February

Maths – Problem solving


modified problem     Main problem    Challenge problem



Text        Activity


There are 3 diffferentiated levels of activity for writing the poem today. Choose which one is most approriate for you.

Modified  task        Core task        Extention task

Word bank

Enrichment menu



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