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Stone Age Hook Day

On the first day back from half term; Year 3 have enjoyed a Stone Age Day filled with activities and a visit from Pippa Rochford, an Archaeologist, to help make this day so much fun!!

We also had these lovely messages sent from Pippa after having had a great time with us:

“As a Community Archaeologist, I was thrilled to be invited back for a second time to work with Year 3 on their Stone Age hook day.  The children enjoyed handling the tools made of flint, bone and antler although one or two were less sure about touching the deer skin and weren’t sure if they’d have liked to have worn it!

Digging up ancient objects in the portable digs was loads of fun and the children seemed to particularly enjoy looking for dates on the coins with their magnifying glasses to help them decide where they went on the TimeLine. I was very impressed with how carefully they excavated and kept Mr Wallis’s classroom floor clean!

Well done Year 3 for being excellent budding archaeologists! I had a lovely morning at Academy at St James and was very impressed with the children’s knowledge of the Stone Age.  They seemed to have really engaged with the topic and it was a pleasure to work with them all.  I also appreciated all the offers of help from the staff.”



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