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Year 1/2 Week 1

Dear Parents and Carers,

On our main year group page, we have added links to useful resources and web pages that will support you and your children through this time. Click here to be taken to this page.

Alongside this, we will be populating weekly pages with tasks for children to complete at home. These will also be shared on Google Classroom and Class Dojo.

The Key Stage 1 team have put together a simple timetable of activities you might do each day.

Please contact your class teacher via email or class dojo with any questions or queries.

Below is an overview of some activities you might like to complete this week. Send your work via Class Dojo, Google Classroom or email your class teacher.



Day 1: This term we have been learning about dragons. The two brothers are training their pet dragon. Write a short story about this “Dangerous Pet”.

Think about what the children will teach the dragon. How will they do this?

Day 3:

Hidden behind the maze of branches stood a tiny, enchanted castle. It was so easy to miss among the towering trees. Only the truly lucky noticed the tiny turrets. I tip-toed slowly through the forest, leaves and twigs crunching beneath my feet as I edged closer and closer. I could make out the tiny details, seeing tiny faces appear at the windows. My heart pounded in my chest…

Look at this Miniature Castle that has been discovered in the woods. Answer these questions. We are excited to read your ideas. Remember, you can send your ideas whichever way is easiest for you.

How long has the castle been in the woods?

Who lives there?

Why is the castle so much smaller than the forest?

Is it better to be the biggest or the smallest?


Mrs Thompson is uploading videos on Google Classroom of her reading “The Magic Finger”. Go watch and answer the quiz questions.

Friday’s reading task is below. Send your teacher your scenes on Class Dojo.


Please log in to your MyMaths account and complete the assigned tasks for this week. There are also daily maths challenges on Google Classroom.

Year 1

Introducing number and place value and Number bonds to 20


Year 2

Place value tens and ones and Add 2 two-digit numbers


Words of the Day

This week’s words of the day are; devour, shiver, shriek, overhead, strict. The definitions will be added to Google Classroom daily. 


You can either print out and complete with pens or complete this is Google doc’s online (it has been assigned in the Google classroom).  Use your phonic skills to read the text and find all the alternate ‘A’ digraphs (ai, ay, a_e).

Sid the Snail


In Science, we began looking at different materials and their properties. There are various tasks on Google Classroom for you to complete.

Try this challenge! Click on the link to view the 10 pictures – materials close up

Look carefully at the 10 pictures and name the object and the material they are made from.
Write as a list and take a picture of your answers and send them to your class teacher.



In R.E our focus is salvation. Watch this video for 15 seconds. Do you know why Christmas and Easter are the two most important festivals in Christianity?

Watch the clips about the Easter story.

Discuss what you find happy and sad about the story of Easter. Which colours do you think are happy and which are sad? 

Place a template of a cross onto a plain piece of white paper. Colour around the template, so that when it is lifted off, there’s a blank cross surrounded by colour.

Create a cross in ‘happy colours’ and a cross in ‘sad colours’. Inside the happy cross, write key words about parts of the story that make pupils feel happy, and the second with parts that make them feel sad.

We can’t wait to see what you learn about Easter and look forward to sharing your work with Rev. Harry and everyone else.