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Year 3/4 Week 2

Please find attached work which can be completed on a daily basis.  Work will be split up into subjects and please ensure you have your Logins for MyMaths and your Gmail so you can access work via these platforms.



After practising our non-chronological report features last week (generalisers, comparative language, topic sentences etc.), it is now time to consider how we will structure our own reports before we write them.

Later in the week, we will also do some setting description writing, based on our Whole Class Reading text.

English – Day 1

English – Day 2

English – Day 3

English – Day 4


As we continue to read Warboy by Michael Foreman, we will use our retrieval skills to answer questions, create setting illustrations and contribute to our year group oracy debate.

Reading – Day 1

Reading – Day 2

Reading – Day 3

Reading – Day 4

Reading – Day 5


Words of the Week

In Year 3 and 4, we love expanding our vocabulary by learning new words. All of this week’s words come from Warboy, with the words from that context and in another example. Please share your own pictures and sentences using our new vocabulary!

Our words for the week are:

See our Twitter link for our words’ definitions and in context: 



This week, we are going to start learning about Measurements.

Year 3 will focus on measuring, comparing, adding and subtracting lengths in a variety of units of measurement (m/cm/mm).

Year 4’s focus is on measuring, comparing and calculating perimeters of 2D shapes.

Day 1 – Early Bird Maths

Day 2 – Early Bird Maths

Day 2 – Measurements

Day 3 – Early Bird Maths

Day 3 – Measurements

Day 4 – Early Bird Maths

Day 4 – Measurements

Day 5 – Problem solving