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Year 3/4 Week 5

This week, our reading of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone will inform us on what life was like for Harry with the Dursleys. After reading the pages of Chapter 2 – The Vanishing Glass, among other activities, we will complete a Venn Diagram comparing characters and consider the options they have using a Decision Wheel.

Continue to use your skim, scan and close reading skills to retrieve information and answer questions!

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Words of the Week

This week’s words of the week all come from ‘The Vanishing Glass’ chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  Can you identify them during your reading? Share the sentences you find them in, research their definitions and draw pictures/write sentences/use drama to show us that you’ve understood what they mean!



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5.5.20 Activity 2 english sheet

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This week, we are going to read Matthew 4:18–19 and explore what Jesus asked the disciples to give up, what  they would have thought about Jesus’ call and why they would be willing to follow him. Click on the link for an introduction to disciples. Another link for this part of the book of Matthew is included in the lesson sheets.

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