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Year 3/4 Week 6


This week, our reading of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone will inform us on life-changing events for Harry.  As we finish reading the pages of Chapter 2 – The Vanishing Glass, we will consider how characters feel during Dudley’s birthday trip to the zoo and notice the differences between how scenes are presented in the book and film versions. At the beginning of Chapter 3 – The Letter from No One, we meet Dudley and Harry as they are about to start new schools.

Continue to use your skim, scan and close reading skills to retrieve information and answer questions!


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There is a presentation on Googledrive to support Tuesday however, I am not able to upload it to this website. If you need the presentation please email Miss Petty.

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Words of the Week

This week’s words of the week all come from ‘The Vanishing Glass’ and ‘The Letter from No One’ chapters of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The words as you’ll find them in the text are listing, with the root words in brackets.

Can you identify them during your reading? Share the sentences you find them in, research their definitions and draw pictures/write sentences/use drama to show us that you’ve understood what they mean!



This week, as we continue to consider the Gospel and what kind of world Jesus would want, we will read more of the Gospel according to Matthew (4:20–22).  As Jesus called his disciples, he was asking them to make sacrifices and encouraging them to become ‘fishers of people’.

Gospel – Lesson 3

What is courage?

The disciples had to show courage in trusting Jesus and leaving parts of their lives behind, and this is the theme of this week’s Collective Worship in school.

Click on the link to watch and listen to Mr Tolson’s worship, which includes a reading from the Book of John, as Jesus spoke to his disciples after resurrecting from the dead. There is a theme of finding direction, when you have felt lost, and how Jesus supports and guides this.

What is courage? –

Rend Collective – My Lighthouse