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Our Nurture Room – The Hive

In our nurture room ‘The Hive’ we aim to develop our children’s social, communication and emotional skills. We work together with the class teachers to ensure that we are linking our topics and our expectations are consistent throughout. We work in a very welcoming, homelike environment, in small groups which allows the children to feel safe. We learn through play, group discussions and activities to meet our children’s needs.

Each group consists of between 6-12 children. Children attending The Hive remain an active part of their main class, spending appropriate times within the nurture group according to their needs, and typically return full time to their own class within 2-4 terms. 

Because of our group sizes, our children are forming good peer bonds and gaining in confidence with each session which are run by our Learning Mentors, Rebecca Oxley and Lisa Barker.

Some of the activities we take part in on a daily basis are:

Play Session – We have a fantastic new home kitchen area in which the children all actively participate in role play. We encourage working in our ‘small world’ area as this develops their creative and imagination skills.

Feelings – We each discuss our individual feelings in every session as a group. We aim to give the children a deeper understanding of their emotions and how to manage them.

Planned Activity – we plan our activities around the children’s needs using the boxall profiles. 

Snack – We enjoy healthy snacks with our children. We encourage children to try new foods and sit around the table to encourage good manners and etiquette. We have discussions at the table where we demonstrate our good listening skills.

As the children learn academically and socially they develop confidence, become responsive to others, learn self- respect and take pride in behaving well and in achieving so they can flourish.

The Hive staff assess learning, social and emotional needs and give help that is needed to remove the barriers to learning.

Our overall aim in The Hive is to help our children overcome their barriers to learning and ultimately to assist them to be successful and confident in their classrooms.