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Non-prescription medicines, including aspirin/paracetamol cannot be given to children by staff in any circumstances.

If a child is fit to be in school but on medication prescribed by a doctor, staff cannot be responsible for ensuring that it is administered.

If the dose needs to be given three times a day, immediately before and after school and before bed is appropriate, therefore it does not need to be in school.

Where pupils are on long term medication then our Administration of Medication Policy will be implemented. The Headteacher and First Aider will meet with parents to discuss procedures and the appropriate forms will be completed. It may be suggested that a parent or other responsible person comes into school to administer the dose at the appropriate time.

Children who require inhalers or other emergency medication to be kept in school should be able to administer these themselves but may need to be supervised in doing so. The medication should be kept in a box with the child’s name and class clearly marked and given to the class teacher.

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