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Clothing and Valuables

School Uniform

The governors of the school expect and appreciate full parental support and co-operation in this matter.

School uniform creates a neat personal appearance, a sense of pride and belonging, which together promotes an image of the school that is recognised and respected within the school community. The Academy at St James prides itself with helping Parents and Children source their uniform- which is reflected in one of values ‘Show you care’.

We hold a second hand uniform shop here in school numerous times throughout a year and this is advertised around school and on Class Dojo. We have donated uniform from children within our school and we then collect it, wash it and re-stock our clothes shop. With the cost of living crisis, our uniform is designed to be sourced from places such as supermarkets for the plain t-shirts, shirts, trousers and skirts. We also have our stock held with The Uniform Shop in Bradford, so it’s easy for Parents to buy it.

The school uniform for nursery to Year 2 is:

  • V Necked Sweatshirt (maroon  with school logo)
  • Polo shirt (sky blue with logo)
  • Skirt (Grey)
  • Trousers – (Grey)
  • Shorts (Summer Grey)
  • Blue/white checked dresses for summer
  • Grey/White socks or Grey tights

The school uniform for Years 3 – 5 is:-

  • V Necked Sweatshirt (maroon with school logo)
  • Blue shirt with school tie
  • Skirt (Grey)
  • Trousers (Grey)
  • Shorts (Grey)
  • Blue / white checked dresses for summer
  • Grey / white socks or grey tights

Please ensure your child has a coat in school suitable for the weather.

The school uniform for Year 6 is:-

  • Black Blazer with school logo
  • Shirt (sky blue)
  • Tie
  • Trousers (Black)
  • Skirt (Black)
  • Short (Black)
  • School bag


Shoes must be worn in school.  They must be:

  • black
  • secure fitting
  • flat, without heels

Boots are not to be worn indoors.

Children should have a pair of black pumps available in school at all times.

The P.E Kit consists of

  • 1 sky blue T-shirt
  • 1 pair of black shorts
  • Pumps (preferably slip-on)
  • It is ESSENTIAL that children are provided with pumps or trainers for outdoor P.E.  If trainers are provided, they must be plain black with no additional colours or coloured logos.
  • A pump bag
  • A book bag

P.E. kit must be in school every day as opportunities to access additional sessions may occur throughout the week.  It is the responsibility of the parent and child that P.E. kit is in school every day.  Failure to bring P.E. kit for 3 weeks will have a consequence as stated in the behaviour policy (see the school website).

Swimming Kit

All children should be provided with a towel
Girls – a one piece swimming costume is need and a swimming hat
Boys – trunks or swimming shorts, well above the knee must be worn – lose fitting Bermuda beach shorts are not suitable as they impede swimming development.

Shalwar Kameez may be worn over the school shirt/blouse and tie. Fabric must be plain and approved by Academy staff – contact school reception for guidance.

Pumps for use indoors must be in school and worn every day.

P.E. kit must be in school every day as opportunities to access additional sessions may occur throughout the week.

Uniform Supplier

Our uniform supplier is:

The Uniform Shop
50-52 Darley Street
01274 736300

All uniform can be purchased from their shop.

Children entitled to free school meals will also receive £26 worth of free uniform each year funded from their Pupil Premium Grant.  Please ask the office for a free school meals application form.

Toys, Jewellery and Valuables

Children must not bring toys (fidget spinners, any gadgets, watches or other small toys) into school with the occasional exception of a small item in connection with their work. The wearing of jewellery such as rings, bracelets and necklaces is not permitted (except for religious reasons). The school cannot accept responsibility for any such items that are lost or damaged.

The wearing of earrings is strongly discouraged. Our main concern is the possibility of accidents especially at playtime.  If you insist on your child wearing earrings during school time, only small, plain stud types are allowed in the lobe of the ear. Body piercing other than earrings or for cultural reasons is not permitted.

Earrings must be removed for P.E. by the child or not worn on P.E. days.  If you wish to get your child’s ears pierced the only suitable time is the start of the July holiday as failure to remove earrings means your child cannot access the P.E. National Curriculum required by the Government.

Nail varnish must not be worn in school.

Jewellery in P.E.

For the safety of all children no jewellery of any kind can be worn during a PE lesson. Envelopes/bags will be provided for the items to be placed in and will be stored until the end of the lesson. Children are responsible for removing their own jewellery, school accept no responsibility for any jewellery brought into school.

If you plan on having your child’s ears pierced, please do so at the beginning of the summer holidays (the education authorities will not accept a 12 lesson absence). Your child also needs to be able to remove their earrings’ by themselves; if they cannot do this then they should not have them done. We are not allowed to cover with plasters or tape.

Year 4 Swimming

Pupils in Year 4 will need a swimming kit all year round. Parents will be informed of the day and time their child is going swimming.


All pupils are expected to wear sensible black school shoes.  Boots, trainers, platforms, high heels and open toed sandals are not permitted. Pumps for use indoors must be in school and worn every day.


Please ensure that your child brings an outdoor coat to school every day.  Outdoor coats are not allowed to be worn inside, including the dining hall.  Denim and leather jackets are not acceptable as outdoor clothing.  Please ensure that outdoor clothing is waterproof.  Please also provide some playing out wellies.

School Bags

School books and equipment need to be kept in school book bags.  Sports and fashion bags are not permitted. School book bags can be purchased from The Uniform Shop, our uniform supplier.


Hairstyles should be neat and sensible. Coloured hair, hair gel, shaved tramlines, Mohicans etc. are not permitted.  Long hair should be tied back and hairstyles should not prevent a child from viewing the board or their work.  Large flowers, headbands, jojo-bows and bobbles are a distraction and impede other children’s view of the board.  Large, fashion items should not be worn in school.

Lost Property

Every year a large number of items are lost by children and remain unclaimed. The majority of items are unmarked.  Lost items will be retained for a term, before disposal. The school cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage to children’s property.  Please ensure you play your part by labelling every item of clothing and ensuring your child understands that their belongings are their responsibility and not the responsibility of the adults in school.

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