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Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust (BDAT)

Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust
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The Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust is a Church of England primary and secondary school trust serving a number of faith and non-faith Academies in both the West Yorkshire and the Dales diocese and the Bradford Local Authority area. The Trust was set up in 2012 by a board of volunteers, with a view to support a number of primary and secondary academies across the diocese, and has been experiencing steady growth since.

BDAT operates a light-touch policy across all its schools, working in direct cooperation with each Academy to develop collaborative processes and structures, ensuring all of the schools within the Trust are able to work together and that the values and practices held by BDAT are present across the board. Through this cooperative effort, particularly at challenging times in each Academy’s existence, BDAT hopes to ensure the pupils at each of its schools continue to receive the best possible education and to be guided towards a bright future.

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