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Behaviour and Discipline

Behaviour and Discipline

At The Academy at St. James, we have high expectations of good behaviour and manners in school and are concerned with promoting mutual respect and understanding, so vital for harmony in our society.  Restorative practice is a characteristic of all exchanges between adults and children.

All staff in school apply our behaviour policy consistently and fairly.  This involves a positive and proactive approach to ensure every child is enabled to achieve well in a safe and happy environment. Children bring their life experiences with them into school and they are important and character forming.

Where there is a lack of respect or concern for others’ feelings e.g. name calling or aggressive behaviour, it will be dealt with immediately through discussion. If necessary, we will apply appropriate sanctions.

We have a highly skilled pastoral team at The Academy at St. James, and together we can find ways to ensure positive outcomes for all our children. We highly value parent / carer input and will work together to achieve the best outcomes for your child.

Parents will be expected to contribute towards repair or replacement of any school property that is deliberately damaged.

We expect all parents and carers to be considerate with regards to the feelings of other children and families within the school. Whether face to face or via social media, we treat each other with consideration as a good model for our children, who are learning how to live in harmony with each other within our community and wider society.

Please refer to our behaviour policy for further information.

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