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Admissions Policy 2020-2021

Admission Arrangements

The Academy at St. James has an  agreed Admission Number of:-

52 pupils for Nursery 3 and 4 year olds and 60 for Reception and Y1 – Y6.

Nursery and Primary

The Academy at St. James will admit 52 pupils in Nursery and 60 pupils in Reception and Y1 – Y6, if sufficient applications are received. Children who attend the Nursery provision at The Academy at St. James will not receive an automatic place in reception and must apply through the Local Authority as normal. All details and links to the Authority forms are available on the school website.

Where there are fewer applicants than places available, all applicants will be admitted.

Special Educational Needs

All children with a statement of special educational needs or Educational Health & Care Plan that names The Academy at St. James will be admitted if places are available.

Process of application

Applications for Nursery places at The Academy at St. James are to be made on the Nursery application form, available from the school office.  They should be returned to the school office.  Applications for Reception-Year 6  places at The Academy at St. James will be made in accordance with the Local Authority’s co-ordinated admission arrangements and will be made on the common application form provided and administered by Bradford Local Authority. An additional supplementary information form MUST also be completed for those applying for a place within the Faith Proportion. The supplementary information form must be returned to the school office.

Supplementary information forms are available at the school office.

Applications on faith grounds will not be considered unless the supplementary form has been completed in full.

Consideration of applications

The Academy at St. James will consider all applications for places. Where fewer than 60 applications are received for Reception, St. James will offer places to all those who have applied.

Procedures where The Academy at St. James is oversubscribed

Where the number of preferences for a school exceeds the number of places available, priority will be given to children in the following categories:

  1. Sisters and brothers of children resident at the same address who are at present on roll at the school and will still be attending the school at the time of admission (siblings).
  2. Children of parents who are members of the Church of England or other Christian denominations for whom the preferred school is the nearest Church of England school to the home address, as measured by a straight line from the main entrance of the home to the main entrance of the school building.
  3. Other applicants.

For admission under criterion 2, parents will be asked to demonstrate membership of the appropriate Christian denomination by submitting with their application, a letter from their minister or other church leader confirming the parents’ attendance at church.

When demand exceeds places in any of the above criteria, the distance between home and school, measured by a straight line, from the main entrance of the home to the main entrance of the school building, will be used to decide who is given a place, those living nearest being given the available places.

Admission to The Academy at St. James does not guarantee admission to any particular secondary school.