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Year Three/Four

Welcome to the Year 3/4 class home page!

Wonderous Whales – Our teachers are: Mrs Middleton and Mrs Cooper

Stupendous Squirrels – Our teachers are: Mrs Wootton and Mrs Harrison

Blissful Badgers – Our teacher is: Mrs Langley

Welcome back after what has been a long period of home learning. We are very glad to have you all back in school.

For the first three weeks, we will be engaging the children and hooking them back into learning by focussing on a book by Jeannie Baker, called “Window”.

Our learning journey will then take us on an adventure through the seas and oceans as we discover the wonders of “Island”.

Our curriculum work will then start with a journey back in time to The Stone Age, where we will learn all about what life was like for prehistoric man.

Our Curriculum Overview

If you have any questions about the learning in Year 3 and 4, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team via class dojo or come and speak to us at the door before or after school.

What have we been learning in our Curriculum work?

We had a visit from Tempus Fugit to help us learn about The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We learnt about what life was like during these times.

We learnt how archaeologists use pieces of evidence to tell us what life in the past was like by digging up our own evidence and piecing things together.

In Science, we have been learning about igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks and how they are formed.

In Art, we have been learning about cave drawings and paintings. We know how hunter gatherers used things that they killed or foraged for making paint so that they could make markings on cave walls. Here are some of our cave drawings:


After what has been a fabulous term learning about The Stone Age, we are starting to think ahead to our learning journey for the New Year. We will be learning about The Romans.

During the Christmas break, please have a look at the homework menu and complete as many tasks as you can. Some of them will help you to make a good start on our new journey.

December Homework Menu – The Romans

Our new Hook Day in January will be all about the Romans. Please see the letter below for details about how to dress for the occasion.

Hook day letter


Summer Term – Ancient Egyptians

Curriculum Overview  – Curriculum overview – Ancient Egyptians Summer

Homework menu

Worship – How can we find courage even when things are tough?

Here’s what Badgers’ class had to say about courage:-

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