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What visitors say about us

Feedback from our visitors:

  • As a Community Archaeologist, I was thrilled to be invited back for a second time to work with Year 3 on their Stone Age hook day.  The children enjoyed handling the tools made of flint, bone and antler although one or two were less sure about touching the deer skin and weren’t sure if they’d have liked to have worn it!Digging up ancient objects in the portable digs was loads of fun and the children seemed to particularly enjoy looking for dates on the coins with their magnifying glasses to help them decide where they went on the TimeLine. I was very impressed with how carefully they excavated and kept Mr Wallis’s classroom floor clean!

    Well done Year 3 for being excellent budding archaeologists! I had a lovely morning at Academy at St James and was very impressed with the children’s knowledge of the Stone Age.  They seemed to have really engaged with the topic and it was a pleasure to work with them all.  I also appreciated all the offers of help from the staff.” Pippa Rochford


  • I am just messaging to say what a pleasure it has been to deliver the fitness sessions to Year 5 over the last 4wks.
    It has been great to see the children’s attitude change to fitness in such a short period.
    Hopefully I get to work with the school again at some point moving forward, as the Year 5 pupils made a great impression and have done the school proud.

    Kind Regards 

    Kevin  Dunnett
  • Year 6 did a good job working with year 5 – Caitlin awarded them 2 house points and gave really good reasons why!Just to re-iterate – Year 6 helped Year 5 come up with stories, questioned them to help get the details out, and helped them to use the recorders to record it.We then sent Year 5 back to their class and spent the last 20 mins editing.Year 6 edited all the individual stories all I have done is to paste them together.They’ve done better than some university students we’ve had on placement!Dave from BCB Radio


  • In my job I go into lots of schools each week and on some weeks can work with hundreds of different children on many different art topics, occasionally I am that impressed with a group I like to write a message, this is one of those occasions. Not only was I impressed with both classes knowledge of the Impressionist movement I was also impressed with the intelligent questions and observations made by both classes when discussing art. The way you all approached the very challenging painting was impressive and everyone produced a fine piece. I hope you all continue to paint and draw and find interest and enjoyment in art. You showed yourselves to be a credit to your teachers, support staff , Mr Tolson , your school and most importantly yourselves. I look forward to working with you again. Yours Sincerely Mr A J Bullock- 29.01.2019
  • “I just wanted to thank you so much for hosting our bus tour on Monday 8th Jan! Please also pass my thanks onto all your staff, especially Chris, Helen and Jack!Can I just also say how very impressed I was at the magnificent improvement I could see at Academy St James!!I last visited the school just before it was placed into special measures and it was such a sad, uninspiring place for all. Now, it’s vibrant, productive and a really positive learning environment with happy, well behaved children and motivated, inspired staff!”Sara Rawnsley -Bradford Birth to 19 Teaching School
  • “A thoroughly enjoyable day working with polite, well behaved, capable and enthusiastic KS2 pupils. Support from teaching staff was greatly appreciated.”
  • Science enrichment- “Great morning in Years 1, 3 and 4! Great excitement for Science and fab enthusiasm.”
  • Pobble: “What a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere; both pupils and staff. Pupils were lively and attentive, showing a willingness to learn. A great day, thanks!!”
  • Parent: “A great afternoon with I Love Art”
  • BiB- “A warm welcome. Staff helpful when needed. Children well behaved.”
  • Wonderdome: “Fantastic… fab staff and students.”
  • Navigate: “Wonderful school, very helpful, friendly staff, thank you!!”
  • “Loved this school (and I visit a lot!) Great kids and a wonderful atmosphere. Thanks for having me!
  • “I had a lovely morning at Academy at St James and was very impressed with the children’s knowledge of the Stone Age.  They seemed to have really engaged with the topic and it was a pleasure to work with them all.  I also appreciated all the offers of help from the staff.”


M&M Productions: The staff and children at St. James were one of the best audiences that the cast of Dick Whittington has had! A fantastic school with kids who know how to enjoy themselves but also listen to a story, thank you!


Some of the feedback from our Nativity:-

Very impressed! The children did a fantastic job!  A big well done to all of the teachers 🙂

It was a brilliant Nativity and the costumes were amazing!

It was amazing and well organised.  Great show.  Glad to be a part of it.  Thank you.

Wonderful, well done to all the staff for patience with tiny ones. So much time put in, the children were fantastic.

The Nativity was well organised and really was a pleasure to watch.  Well done.

All the children did amazingly well.  Proud of them all.

The children were really good – the teachers should be so happy.

It was fantastic.  I was nearly in tears.  I’m looking forward to next years.

What a brilliant Nativity.  We were made to feel really welcome.

It was absolutely amazing.  The children couldn’t have done any better.


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