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Parent Support

Welcome to our parent support page.

Here you will find useful information which will support you in the current situation.

Feel free to read this really useful reading resource below to help children understand everything that is happening right now.

Coronavirus - A Book For Children (1)

Please click here to see information regarding the latest scam that is circulating during the Virus outbreak.

Please feel free to contact us at school for any help or support you might need either through Dojo or by using the emails below.

Meet the Parent Support Team

Rebecca Oxley – Safeguarding and Attendance Lead

Mrs Suzanne Louch
Parental Involvement Support

Mrs Sophie Hall
EYFS teacher and Parent Support Team

Mrs Donna Langley
Assistant head and Parent Support Team


Support with Home Learning

Well done to all those parents who are trying their best to manage some “home schooling” and working from home. It’s an almost impossible task – try not to stress too much, if your children are happy and healthy you need to count that as success. You are doing a great job!

How do I get my child to learn at home? How do I get them back into a routine after the Easter holiday? How do I get them off their online games? How much work do they need to do? How am I supposed to teach them? What if I can’t help them because I don’t understand the work?

These are just some of the questions that parents are asking themselves at the moment, especially after the Easter break. Please do not worry if you need support with engaging your child in learning again, your teachers will support you via dojo any time you need them to.

Work will be set on the website and on google classroom again from Monday 20th April. This work will be to help the children consolidate what they have already learnt and to give them some exciting new themes to research. There will also be some creative, family tasks that you can do together. By doing some of the school work each week, it will help the children to keep in the mindset of learning and will ease some of the boredem of being at home all of the time.  Although it is important that the children complete some of the work, it is not vital that they complete everything – their well-being needs to come first. The children may be struggling without their friends and to understand what is happening in the current situation. If they need more support with this, you could share the book at the top of this page with them.


Letter from Mr TolsonSupport with Home Learning

Advice from teachers about learning from homean article from The Guardian 

Advice from the BBC5 ways to keep your children occupied and learning at home

Parenting and family support –

How to establish a good bedtime routine for children

Establishing a good bedtime routine

Using a visual poster may help your child to follow the routine.
Reaward charts can also be used to encourage children to complete the routine successfully.


How to support your child with reading at home

Reading at home with your child is really important. It helps to develop their imagination, vocabulary and writing skills. It also helps to build relationships between you and your child.

Reading at home guide

Free ebook library


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