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Online saftey tips for children



If you would like to view our E-Safety Policy please click  here

Do you know how to keep your children safe online?

Today technology plays a humongous role in our everyday lives for adults as well as our children. Technology is on a fast paced journey which is continually evolving and upgrading. This means that it is imperative that as adults we have all of the up to date knowledge so that we not only protect our children from harm but have the resources to teach them how to use technology in a safe manner. The list of technology that children have access to today is extensive, however; some examples include:

  • The internet
  • App’s
  • Gaming devices such as Xbox Live
  • Tick Tock
  • Youtube
  • Snapchat

Are you as parents in control?

It is vital that you are aware of the parental controls that must be put in place in order to protect our children. These enable you to restrict the settings of devices, the internet, Smart TV’s, APP’s and games. If you need more information on how to set parental controls please click the links or the image below.

NSPCC Parental controls

Thinkuknow Parental controls

Thinkuknow- Keeping your under 5 year old safe


Internet matters Parental controls– Free downloadable guides for how to turn on parental controls for all areas of technology. They are catagorised into the following areas:



Where can I find the most up to date information?


Click here to be taken to the Net Aware website where you can find out the latest information for many social networks, apps and games. It not only gives you a valuable description of what our children are using; but also provides official age ratings, risk factors and top tips on how to minimise these risks.

As we live in a digital world that is constantly evolving we recommend signing up to Net Aware’s newsletter’s which email the latest information straight to you. . 


The National Online Safety website has many useful, easy accessible  parental guides that can provide you with vital information about the technology that our children are using. Click here to be taken to their website.

Below are a selection of some of these parental guides.

age ratings


How to talk to children about online safety? 

7 Questions

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The NSPCC website has lots of tips and advice on how to start a conversation with children about online safety click on their logo to be taken to their main web page. The NSPCC website also provides advice on the following:

(click logo)

Internet Matters is committed to supporting families online.  Here you can find age specific advice to support you and your child no matter of their age.                                                                     

Age 0-5 years                          Video                 Safety Guide  

Age 6-10  years                       Video                  Safety Guide

Age 11-13 years                       Video                  Safety Guide

14+ years

Video                  Safety Guide



Thinknknow (click the logo)have created  simple activities that you can do at home with your children. Please click on the age that is appropriate to you to be taken to the activity. As parents you can find out even more valuable information from their website. Click on age that you require to be taken to the activity.



Support from school

We are here to help! If you have any worries or concerns regarding your child’s E-Safety please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Safeguarding Team.



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