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We understand the responsibility to educate our pupils on e-Safety issues; teaching them the appropriate behaviours and thinking skills to enable them to remain safe when using the internet and related technologies.  E-Safety guidance is given to the pupils on a regular basis.  It is embedded within our curriculum and we continually look for new opportunities to promote e-Safety.  A copy of the e-safety policy is sent home to be signed by parents and children and is supported by our Parent Code of Conduct.  A copy is available from school and further advice for parents is available on our website.

We do not expect Primary aged children to be accessing social media which is illegal under the age of 13 or to be carrying mobile phones.  If children are found to be carrying phones or other gadgets they will be stored in the office for safety.  If children are accessing social media, this will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Police Letter to parents Jan ’16 e-safe

Vital information for parents to read and share with children

Essential information for all parents – explore this site before you let your child online unsupervised – READ IT NOW

Talk to your children about staying safe online – READ THIS

Check the suitability of apps before letting your children download them – READ THIS

Links to resources to help children stay safe on-line

Early Years and Foundation Stage/Key Stage 1


Hectors World (cartoons)

Lee & Kim (cartoon and resources)

Key Stage 2

The Smart Crew (cartoons and resources)

Kidsmart (information site)

CEOP Think U Know 8-10 year olds (games and resources)

CEOP ‘Jigsaw’ (video)

YHGfL ‘Daydreaming’ (cyberbullying video)