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PE Skill Development Videos

Fundamental Movement and Net & Wall Games

Please take a look at a culmination of our work in PE so far. In this particular ‘Net & Wall Game’ unit pupils were able to develop a number of holistic skills such as

Physical- Maintaining moderate to vigorous physical activity, object manipulation/control, hand eye coordination, dynamic and static balance

Thinking- Considering strategies, problem solving and increasing knowledge and vocabulary through discussions with peers

Social- Working in collaboration and communicating with peers  to support success both as a team and individually.

Health- Pupils were able to take part in lessons and discuss the physical, mental and emotional benefits of physical education

EYFS A variation of skills such as balancing, running, jumping, catching, hopping, throwing, galloping, skipping, leaping and kicking are developed to support sporting skills as the child develops physically, socially and emotionally.

KS2 Sporting skills- Our skills based practises could be applied to sporting challenges/games such as;

– Tennis, Table Tennis, Wall Ball, Badminton, Squash and Volleyball.

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