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DT vision


At St James we believe that Design and Technology provides children with the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of making functional products with a particular user in mind, while encouraging them to be creative and adventurous. Design and Technology also helps with the teaching of Maths and English by putting those subjects into context, making them easier to digest and more understandable.

A key part of Design and Technology is the trial and error element, teaching children to problem solve, work as a team and be resilient.

Here at St James we give children the opportunity to develop their design skills through food technology, wood work, moving mechanisms and much more.

DT skills overview

Year 1 key skills

Year 2 key skills

Year 3 key skills

Year 4 key skills

Year 5 key skills

Year 6 key skills


Nursery picked berries and made a delicious crumble.

Reception learnt how to make biscuits, following recipes and measuring out ingredients.

Year 3/4 created a coat of arms and achieved a Hepp DT award

Year 5’s creative vehicles.


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