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Summer Video 2022

Spring Video


Maths at The Academy at St James

At The Academy at St James, we are totally committed to providing the children with a Mathematics curriculum which will help them to become numerate, independent, inquisitive, enqiuring, and confident problem solvers. We also aim to provide them with a variety of experiences and a stimulating environment in which to develop their Mathematical skills, whilst developing a love of learning.

The teaching and learning of Mathematics at our school involves the use of concrete materials, pictorial representations, and abstract calculations; children are encouraged to use reasoning to make links between them all, and to explain how they have worked things out.

The school prides itself on using Same Day Intervention for maths (SDI)  so that the children receive the additional support that they need to address any misconceptions straight away. Children also have access to high quality, daily morning maths work which concentrates on developing mental arithmetic skills; it also revisits key knowledge and skills daily to help the children to develop their long term memory and rapid recall.

Mathematics Intent StatementClick here

Our Vision

maths vision statement

Maths PolicyClick here

Our Calculation Progression Document – click here


Mental Maths Progression Documentclick here


To support the teaching, learning and assessment of Mental Maths, we have introduced Maths Passports. Passport objectives are in line with our Mental Maths progression document. In Early Years, the children begin their passport journey and work towards achieving the Asia passport. As they learn new skills each year, they work their way around the globe, achieving passports from different continents.

Maths Passports


Sample Passport Assessments

Example Passport Certificate


Our Maths Long Term Plans 

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Covid Recovery Plans – post Covid Lockdown

At The Academy at St James, we have provided all leaners with high quality home learning for Maths during the pandemic, which has continued to follow our Long Term Plans. Children have attended live lessons, accessed lesson videos and completed work on learning platforms such as Dojo or Google Classroom, or in workpacks provided.

As the children returned to school on Monday 8th March 2021, we implemented our Covid Recovery plan for Maths.

Covid Recovery plan – click here


Home learning offer for Maths

During the Covid Lockdown, whilst some of our children were working from home, our Maths teaching continued through live lessons, recorded videos and  set tasks on Dojo or google classroom.

This video shows just some of our home learning in Maths:




Summer 1 – Maths

Here is a video of some of our Maths work across the school in Summer 1 half term:





At The Academy At St James, we love learning our times tables and playing on TTRockstars  We often have battles playing class vs class, or year group vs year group. You can log in here to play.

Our KS2 class champions.

We enjoy using green screen to make us look like real rock stars!

We are making great progress with learning our times tables!


Enrichment Clubs

In order to provide our children with as many Mathematics learning opportunities as possible, we incorporate maths into as many curriculum and forest school lessons as possible. We have also included Maths clubs into our enrichment time. We play tag rugby with Maths. (Tagtiv8)

To see our involvement with Tagtiv8 click here and view our Tagtiv8 video!

Using a compass and learning compass directions with Mr Lowde.

Using a map together and learning about position and direction.

Making model ladybirds and playing dominoes with them – counting and matching numbers.

Designing, measuring and making shapes and frames for dens.

Measuring and weighing ingredients as part of the Cook and Move nurture provision.

Working as a team to solve problems.

Playing games to develop knowledge of co-ordinates.

Playing strategy games and learning to think strategically.

We love playing tag rugby with maths – Tagtiv8

Designing, measuring and constructing.


Home Learning Links – all of these links will take you to pages where you can enjoy maths games to support your learning.


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