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History is the greatest subject ever!

Why history?

History is the foundation of our society, what we learn from the past informs our decision on the future. Mistakes can be corrected, successes can be replicated and to understand this is key to a caring, cohesive and inclusive United Kingdom.  This is why History is the BEST, yes the BEST subject because it allows us to reflect, summarise and change the direction we are heading. At the Academy at St James, we put the power into the children hands and allow them to be engrossed in all aspect of this fantastic subject. Whether that be personal History, Local history or history from around the globe. Children will create an understanding of Chronology and how humans have developed socially, economically, culturally and politically over the last One Hundred Thousand Years. We priorities learning experiences and provide all children with the chance to experience life as it was over the thousands of years humans have been around.

Everyone can change the future because everyone is an Historian!



History Vision

History Implementation

History Skills Overview

Use these helpful websites to build on your love and interest in History:



Y1/2 – Skipton Castle:

Y3/4 – Eden Camp