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History Vision

By the end of their time at St James our children will:


  • Children are aware that they are learning History!
  • Lessons develop historical concepts, skills and vocabulary.
  • Chronology is used to develop an awareness of time.
  • Questions are used to develop an enquiring, historical mind.
  • Scrutiny and discussion of the reliability of historical sources.
  • Interpretation of historical sources to form own opinions on past events.
  • Learning from a wide range of sources such as, documents, eye witness accounts, costumes, books, radio, images, interviews and sites.
  • Recording in a variety of ways linking with other subjects, where appropriate.
  • Know the stories of our communities and the events that have formed our place
  • Have a broad and deep knowledge of regional, national and international history and well-developed historical thinking
  • Use with ease their understanding of change and continuity, similarity and difference, cause and effect, chronology and significance to interpret events and developments
  • Use historical terms accurately in their effective communication of ideas and judgements
  • Select and apply their knowledge and skills from other subjects to draw conclusions and communicate their findings
  • Confidently carry out their own historical investigations
  • Have memories for life from visitors, visits and rich experiences
  • Feel prepared for the next stage of their history education and part of their adult life
  • Feel proud of themselves, their communities and their place