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We are pleased to announce that we have been able to achieve the Bronze Primary Geography Quality Mark. This is due to the hard work of all staff when implementing the geography curriculum from Early Years to Year 6, whilst continuously building on skills and knowledge through the years.

Please click on this link The Academy at St James’ Geography Quality Mark Bronze application 2019-2020 to look at parts of our application and enjoy looking at all the wonderful geography which we have learnt so far!

Subject overview: 

Please click on the following links which will direct you to our geography overviews from Year 1- Year 6.  This is where progression in skills and knowledge can be seen clearly and how they are built on from year to year.

Key Stage 1 

Year 3/4 

Year 5 

Year 6 



Please find the following links to support your Geography learning at home:

Please find below Geography activities which you can do at home. Please tweet/ email your class teacher to show them what you have been doing!

Geography vision at The Academy at St James

 Why/ Intent:

We want our children be active global citizens who value, respect and appreciate planet Earth and its peoples. We want our children to value their own, and others, surroundings and understand how they can impact our changing world.


Our implementation of high quality teaching of geography is as follows:

  • Children are aware that they are learning geography!
  • Lessons develop geography concepts, skills and knowledge.
  • Questions are used to develop an enquiring, geographical mind.
  • We use globes, atlases, maps and compasses to expand our knowledge and skills
  • We study physical and human features of geographical locations locally, nationally and internationally.
  • We make links between our local and worldwide geography.
  • We use fieldwork to gather data about places we are studying.


At St James we want our children to leave having a sense of possibilities and adventures which can be had all around the world, whilst developing their confidence, to take journey’s great and small.

We also want children to be environmentally responsible and take positive action to make a difference at both local and global levels.


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