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Year 3/4 Week 1

Please find attached work which can be completed on a daily basis.  Work will be split up into subjects and please ensure you have your Logins for MyMaths and your Gmail so you can access work via these platforms.


This week, we are going to learn about the features of a non-chronological report. First, we will identify them, then we will begin to use these features in our own writing. We will also have starters practising how to use apostrophes for possession and contraction.

English Day 1

English – Day 2

English – Day 3

English – Day 4

As we continue to read Warboy by Michael Foreman, we will use our retrieval skills to answer questions, create a poster and newspaper report.

Reading – Day 1

Reading – Day 2

Reading – Day 3

Reading – Day 4



Maths- Fractions is our focus for this week

Maths -Day 1

Maths -Day 2

Day 2-fractions

Maths- Day 3

Year 4

Year 3

Lesson 5- Dividing 1 digit by 10

Lesson 5- Tenths as a decimal

Maths- Day 4- Problem solving




Lesson 1 – Electricity

Click below for experiments and investigations to try at home:

Sound and Electricity experiments


History Quiz

Test yourself against your parent. Who ever wins gets 5 dojos.

History quiz



As we approach Easter during this period of Lent, we are going to continue our Salvation unit, which has a strong focus on what is considered by many to be the most important Christian festival. This week, we are going to learn about two key days during Holy Week: Good Friday and Easter Sunday. How are these days marked by Christians? Get creative, and complete our Easter project!

Week 1

Click these links to help you with your Easter research:


Keep active

Mr Wallis has set this challenge. Remember to do it safely, and have fun!